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Re: Firewall: Please Advise

On Sun, Oct 13, 2002 at 02:24:10PM -0700, jdow wrote:
> Of course, as mentioned, the documentation on the netfilter site did
> not address the issue either. I was and am in a big enough
> "convention rush" to get some projects showable at a convention
> starting wednesday that the delay became rather irritating. Had
> adequate documentation existed I might have kept my blood pressure
> lower, so to speak. All the documentation I found declared tables
> were a whole lot better than chains except for its protocol support
> and oh by the way in some cases modules are not needed with tables.
> Of course, leaving it at that was lame++. Had they simply given a
> list of modules not needed anymore and the incantations that proved
> it I'd have been far happier. I do read documentation presented when
> moving into new territory. I'm not a guy so I am permitted to read
> roadmaps and ask directions. {^_-}

"When all else fails, RTFM" :/ Only. I really think most protocols
should work with little or no external help. Maybe not all, dunno. I
listen to radio over realplayer on my LAN so that much works, without
any special helpers. I did run the real test suite on mozilla.org one
time to see if all the plugin stuff worked (close, but no cigar). I
found firewall log entries for the ones that failed (IIRC). So I am
guessing, opening a pin hole would solve those specific cases. 

[missed the middle part of this thread completely]

Hal Burgiss

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