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Re: X Window


Seems like I've got big problems.

On reboot I get a message about USERS: GROUP WRITABLE DIRECTORY FAILED

I can start XFS from the command line, but system says that there is no
command STARTX when it is clearly there.

I have attached log from /var/log/messages, and hope someone can make sense
and rescue me.

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Subject: Re: X Window

> On Tue, 15 Oct 2002 18:35:55 +0100
> "Scott Taylor" <scott taylor 4i-dotcom com> wrote:
> # I have tried to startx and XF86Setup but it is telling me I have not
> # got permission even as root. I noticed that on shutting down XFS
> # [FAILED].
> #
> # I have also been trying to install an app (SQL Ledger) which
> # resulted in me changing the permissions on certain directories (usr
> # and etc)to a lower user. However I am not sure if this is anything
> # to do with it.
> SQL Ledger should _not_ require you futzing w/ perms on /etc and /usr.
>  I have it installed and needed to do no such thing.
> Since XFS failed to shutdown, perhaps it's not being able to start.
> tail -f /var/log/messages then try to start xfs, see if you get any
> errors.  Also, check for diskspace issues.  df -h
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