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Re: SCSI errors: hardware or software?

> Thanks Jim and Yen for responding.
> If my SCSI termination is incorrect, wouldn't I also get errors during
> the day or more likely, nothing would work? The errors I reported ONLY
> happen during SCSI-to-IDE backups at night.
> --- Vladimir

Well - my suggestion would be to first ensure that the termination is
I'd certainly suggest:
1) If there is a termination problem - fix that first then see what
   else is wrong
2) I never assume a problem will have a constant effect
   i.e. a SCSI termination problem could show up many different ways
        depending on the hardware and the software using it

I really don't know much about hardware though :-)
But I did once have a system that had the SCSI termination wrong and
it usually worked fine (on rare/random occasions it had problems)


MS ... if only he hadn't been hang gliding!

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