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Re: generating SSL keys with no passwords

On Thu, 2002-10-17 at 13:15, Robert Gorrell wrote:
> I was wondering about generating keys with RedHat 7.3 so that a password
> isn't required every time you start the Apache/SSL Server. In earlier
> versions, (ie RedHat 6.2) you could generate a key without having to
> specify a password. Evidentially this ability has been removed in 7.3
> and generating a key now requires a password. I was wondering if there
> is a different way of doing this now? 
> Currently, we generate our keys on a 6.2 machine and move them to our
> 7.3 web server to circumvent this issue. But I'd like to be able to
> generate keys directly on the 7.3 machine and still not have to enter
> password(s) to start Apache.
redhat docs - why don't people check there?


Your problem will be getting there after this email has the link split
on two lines


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