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Re: Video Settings

On Sat, 19 Oct 2002, Karl Krelove wrote:

> I'm brand new to Linux (much more experienced in Windows). I've got Red Hat
> 7.3 working pretty well, but I have one problem I can't find a solution for
> in the Docs I have.
> I have an ATI Xpert 128 video card with 16MB of video memory. When I run
> Xconfigurator to try to set the resolution and color depth, after the final
> dialog I get a gray, pixilated screen with an X cursor in the middle and the
> machine locks up.
> Right now the Gnome screen looks like it's running at 640x480 at 8 bit
> color. The board is fine - works well in my (dual-boot) Win98 SE
> environment. Any ideas?

You mean the board works fine in windoh$... it doesn't mean that the board 
works fine. *nix puts a whole different meaning on "using system 
resources", with a much closer relationship between hardware and software. 
(ex: try smoking a monitor with windoh$. Can't be done. Gimme 30 seconds 
an a *nix box with an older monitor and I can show you some things that 
monitors aren't meant to do... smoke, sizzle, etc.) Many pieces of 
hardware that seemingly work fine in windoh$ simply have problems that 
windoh$ either cannot detect or that the extra api layers deal with.

Post your monitor info (including make & model) and your X11 rc files. 
Might be something there.

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