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Re: RedHat upgrade time

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On Mon, 21 Oct 2002, bfd wrote:

> I tried 8.0 and disliked it so much that I sent it back for a refund.  
> I'll stick with 7.3 for a while longer.
> While 8.0 may have some things going for it (and I'm hard pressed to 
> say what), 7.3 is proven. Maybe I'll go to 8 when 8.1 or 8.2 is out 
> after someone else has been the beta-tester.

	I read through this post twice and I keep coming up with the same
conclusion...  Your "problems" are really very trivial and not what anyone
I know would classify as show stoppers.  Now, that doesn't mean you are
wrong in not liking 8.0 and wanting to stick with 7.3.  7.3 is very stable
and works wonderfully.  I am going to keep all my production systems at
7.3 (and will be upgrading the one 6.2 system to 7.3 sometime before the
end of the year).

	The reason I replied here is that I think you should make the
distinction between the fact that you didn't like 8.0 rather than saying
8.0 is not ready for prime-time.

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