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Re: RedHat upgrade time

bfd wrote:

Your "problems" are really very trivial

They were not trivial to me: I wasted a lot of time trying to resolve them and the networking one cost me several hours before I could figure it out. A non-working web browser is not a trivial problem in these days of constant Internet use, particularly one that is the result of a flawed design concept on the part of the program distributor.

They were not trivial in their impact to you, no. They were trivial in the underlying problems that would only need about 15 minutes to fix all of them.

The reason I replied here is that I think you should make the
distinction between the fact that you didn't like 8.0 rather than saying
8.0 is not ready for prime-time.

I don't think you should be interpreting my feelings: given my problems and the others that I read on the Psyche list, I still don't think it was ready for release, and that's how I chose to state it.

Wait a second... You explicitly expressed your opinion, which I only echoed and did not interpret, then get on my case for your mistaken belief that I am interpreting your opinion THEN go on and restate your opinion again. The fact is that 8.0 has bugs. The fact is that these bugs are extremely easy and fairly trivial to circumvent. You didn't like 8.0 and that is just fine. I never said or even implied that you were wrong not to like it. It is, as I said, your opinion. And your opinion is correct for you and your situation.

Of course, that's my opinion, and I will state it as such, and it should be obvious to others as that.

Again, you are just echoing what I already said.

I just don't like you trying to tell me what I should be feeling, thinking or saying, not do I think you have any business in doing so!

Ok, I'll say this one and then drop the discussion. I NEVER TOLD YOU HOW YOU SHOULD FEEL OR THINK OR ANYTHING!!! Maybe your ego was bruised because you are not knowledgeable enough with Linux to be able to fix the little, trivial problems you ran into with it. That is beside the point. I don't care how stupid you may or may not be. But you need to try and think before you post because there was absolutely, positively NO REASON for you to get on my case for agreeing with the fact that RH 8.0 was not usable for you. Irrespective of the reasons for it.

Now, I am finished with this useless discussion and will not participate in it anymore. If you, or anyone reading this, is offended then just ignore me. OTOH, if you, or anyone reading this, would like to know how to get around the problems you encountered with 8.0 then start a new thread and I'd be more than happy to help.

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