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Re: Fonts: Anti aliasing? Truetype. Mozilla, etc.


I really appreciate this commentary.  It clears up a lot. 
I have learned a bunch from this experience and now my fonts work. 
First there is likely more than one unix.js file.  There definitely is 
on my system.  A detail I should not have overlooked. 
There is one that came with the base install. 
The one from the first upgrade and the last 1.2b which is the 
xft version.
The only reason I know that however is because of 
this discussion and the file names of the rpm's have xft in them. 
In my defense though I have a rather long history with NIX systems 
this is my first real end user system and the first box with X on 
So I think now I have the relationships straight as this last time I 
went about this pretty methodically. 
The file /etc/X11/fs/config is for xfs.
I am guessing this because of the path.
I imagine one could pare down this file some as it seems 
that some of the directories it points to are empty and some
are fonts for foreign languages. 
I think the reason altering drastically the first iteration of
unix.js gave caused my X session to fail I suspect is Nautilus
depends on it.  Guessing again.
The changes to the unix.js for the current version of Mozilla
(1.2b) made the extra fonts available.
I think you are correct about the printing.  That seems to
be a separate issue.
I think I am beginning to get the relationships though.


Jim Scott

On Mon, 2002-10-21 at 16:15, Hal Burgiss wrote: 
> On Mon, Oct 21, 2002 at 01:51:54PM -0700, jim wrote:
> > > But I did. Here is what I have done to my machine:
> > > 1. I have added the path to extra ttf fonts to /etc/X11/XftConfig
> > The file Xftconfig is for the xft font server? Yes? If you are using
> > xfs then why add the path here?
> Xft is not really a font server. It is more of a font rendering
> system. As it stands now there are two mechanisms for rending fonts in
> X: the traditional "core" fonts system that has been around since the
> dawn of time, and Xft, which is a major effort to improve X's font
> handling. Xft is still in active development so it is evolving. These
> two systems exist side by side currently. Someday, Xft will probably
> be the only font rendering system (my assumption).
> > > 3. I edited the mozilla unix.js file, enabling ttf fonts and giving the path
> > >     to all my ttf font directories.
> > See this bugs me because I read all over the place RH 7. and on do ttf
> > by default.  Why are we editing this?
> xfs, the font server, has been able to render TrueType since RH6.0
> using the "core" font system. It has never been able to do
> anti-aliasing, which is one the of the big advantages of Xft. 
> To confuse this even more, the Mozilla developers working on the
> integration of Xft into Mozilla, refer to this as "TrueType" enabled
> Mozilla. Which strikes me as a misnomer. What they mean is that
> Mozilla is handling TT natively rather than relying on traditional X
> font handling (my assumption again). To accomplish this, they are
> integrating the Xft extensions into Mozilla's own, native font
> handling. 
> Truetype fonts work with even ancient versions of Mozilla. But if you
> want Xft enabled (ie for anti-aliasing, etc), then you need the Xft
> patched version (aka "TrueType" enabled). Apparently, this will be
> going into mainstream Mozilla 1.2 when its released (soon I think). 
> This is also why there is yet another font configuration file to deal
> with -- because Mozilla does its own font handling to an extent. 
> To complicate this situation even more than it already is, there is
> Xft-1.x, and Xft-2. RH8 has Xft2, which simplifies system font
> configuration (for the Xft extensions). XftConfig does not exist
> anymore. 
> > Now, when I changed my unix.js file and set true type enable=true
> > and added paths to the directories containing the fonts I ended up with
> > no more choices than I had before.
> Are you sure you had a Xft enabled Mozilla? Is XftConfig set up and
> working with the fonts you expect to be using?
> > Last what does this do for printing if anything?
> Not a clue, but my guess is nothing.
> -- 
> Hal Burgiss
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