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Re: Different between directory

fong wrote:
> Hi
> Can anyone tell me what is defferent between directory (e.g i386, 
> i486..i686, noarch) contains when I download some packages?

They are the different architecture's.  i've not seen an i486, only
i386, i586 and i686.  it means that the code inside has been
specifically developed for that architecture. From memory a 386sx16
processor and higher will use i386, pentiums (100-233) can use i586 and
a pentium 3/450, k6/2, mendecino celerons and cyrix chips etc, use i686.

there are also alpha, ia64 and ppc ones too... for DEC alpha computers,
 intel itanium64 and mac/PowerPC chips respectively. Probably quite a
few more too :)

noarch means that there aren't any differences to the software package
between the architectures.

For example glibc-2.3-2.i386.rpm is an i386 architecture package, and
will run on any intel (compatible) computer.  glibc-2.3-2.i686.rpm will
not work on a pentium(1) or 486.


> Much thanks,
> FongCheang

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      dallas australiazoo com au
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