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A couple of questions

Greettings to all:

1) I have a little lan with an Macintosh and my linux box as the web server. My issue here is that no matter what I cannot access the web server through the macintosh computer; even though I have tryed to access it several times outside the lan with macintoshes and windo$e$ machines and I have succeeded. Does anybody know why I cannot access my web server in the LAN?; is this a server issue or a client issue? Any help will be appreciated.

2) In another computer I'm running WinXP with RH7.3; I'm booting RH from the floppy disk; I have done u2date several times and now in /boot I have several different kernels; from 2.4.18-3 to 2.4.18-17.x.x; but any time I boot the computer it comes up with the 2.4.18-3 kernel. What can I do in roder to boot the latest kernel?

That's all; be well averyone.


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