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Re: CDRW support under RH 7.3


I thought it would be OK, I bought a asus crw4012a 40x12x48.
Any thoughts, it was just 55.99, for an old system. Perhaps I'll
get the Plextor maybe on the new PC I'm setting up in a little while.

Downloaded RH 8.0 iso images. The boot image should be in the first
CD? This will be my first burn.

Take care


On Sun, 2002-10-27 at 14:28, Michael Fratoni wrote:
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> On Sunday 27 October 2002 01:19 pm, Bob Hayward wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > 	I'm about to buy a CDRW device. I read under
> > CDR Toaster help that ATAPI devices are special and need
> > a kernel complie to work. After looking at my kernel configuration
> > and his suggestions, I noticed differences and concluded his
> > kernel was probably old, and perhaps the CD drives now
> > included with the basic installation will support ATAPT CDRW.
> >
> > Am I correct. After all mkisofs is included.
> It should work right out of the box without any trouble.
> That said, if you haven't bought the drive yet...
> I just 15 minutes ago replaced my Acer 12x8x32 that had stopped 
> functioning. I have never been able to burn an ISO and verify the md5sum 
> with that drive. The operation would always encounter I/O errors. The 
> burned images did work fine, but not being able to check the md5 sum was 
> annoying.
> I've just burned a couple of disks with my new Plextor 48x24x48 (model 
> PX_W4824TA) The md5sums verified without any problem at all.
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