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Re: 1 NIC routing...

On Mon Oct 28 2002 at 15:12, "Rob Tomlin" wrote:

> Is the following setup possible :
> PC1 ( --+- LINUX (
>                     |         |
> PC2 ( --+         |
>                         (
>                            ROUTER
>                       (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx)
>                               |
>                           INTERNET

Yes.  Almost trivial.

> I want all internet traffic to be proxied through

Sure.  Set the default routes from pc1 and pc2 to point to the .1.2
address on your linux box (which has forwarding turned on).  The
default route for the linux box is to the router.

The two pc boxes also need a static route to state that the route to is via, since your diagram indicates that
they are not on the same physical network segment.

Or alternatively, get your linux box at .1.2 to proxyarp for .1.1 on
that network segment.  This will make the static routes unnecessary,
and you could even have their default route point to .1.1 if you did
do it something like this (untested)...

/sbin/ip neighbout proxy dev eth1

  (But you say "proxied through" and not "routed through"... if you
  are talking about web traffic only, then simply run squid on the
  linux box and have the two PCs use it).

> I will set up ROUTER to drop all traffic not sourced from

Your diagram does indicate that the only box connected to the router
on the LAN side is the linux box, so that is already assumed.

> If this possible how does it work and how do I do it ???

Ahh, do I get close to the top of the class?  :-)

> Cheers
> Rob


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