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Re: Error formating sda1 durring install

On Tue Oct 29 2002 at 15:54, "Joe Dupre" wrote:

> I'm trying to install RH7.3 but it is bombing out with either
> "Error mounting device sda1 as /" or "An error occurred trying to
> format sda."

/dev/sda refers to the entire device.  /dev/sda1, /dev/sda2 etc
refer to the partitions on that device.  (basic stuff)

So, you need to create partitions on the entire drive...

# fdisk /dev/sda

[ partition as desired ]

Now, assuming that /dev/sda1 is a linux partition (type 83), you now
need to format it (here as ext3 and 1% reserved space):

# mke2fs -m1 -j /dev/sda1

NOW you can mount it:

# mkdir /mnt/sda1
# mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/sda1

> This is a Segate Baracuda 4.3GB on an Adaptec AHA-2940.  The drive
> formats fine and passes read/write tests under DOS (via Win 98
> boot disk).
> Any clues why setup can't format this drive?

Oh, the installer won't do this for you?  (weird, never heard of
that, are you sure you aren't doing something wrong?)

> Is they a way to manually format the drive prior to the install
> process?

See above.  During early part of the the install, do a
right-Alt-Ctrl-F2 to switch to the second text console (from the gui
interface), and you will have a bash shell available to do the
partitioning and formatting manually from here.  Do your deeds, then
switch to the installer, skip the partitioning and formatting part,
then use it to set up the mount points.

> Thanks,
> -Joe


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