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Re: Newbie installation questions

Behrouz Bayat wrote:
Alright, I'm formatting and reinstalling RH 7.3 and I
want to get it right this time...

I have a P4 with one 60gig HD. Windows XP is already
installed on the PC and it's working just fine.

Here are my questions:
-When I redo the linux partitions, will I need a /boot
partition? Or will just the swap and /root be

yes you need at least a /boot a <swap> and /

-What's the diff. between lilo and grub? Just esthetics? When I install either one, do I put it in the MBR? (Will this affect my XP in any which way?)

grub is a lot better. Install grub into the MBR if you want to use it as a boot manager. When you turn on your PC, grub will offer you the choice of booting linux-2.4.18etcetc or windows XP. The default will be booted within a specified amount of seconds.


Thanks in advance.

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