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Re: root user not found --> vipw

On Thu, 2002-10-31 at 00:13, rajin membaca wrote:
> As a newbie I have a big problem, with my root user
> name. when i try to install postfix in my RedHat 7.3,

Were you trying to do a source install, or install the packages that Red
Hat provides?  If you're "a newbie", then I strongly suggest using what
Red Hat has provided, as it works.  There's no need to futz with the
password file.

> The problem arised when i reboot the computer, and try
> to login as root user. The error mssg is : root user
> not found.

boot to single user mode.  When the system starts, grub will give you
the option to change the kernel config before it loads linux.  Hit the
'e' key to edit the kernel configuration, then select the line that has
the kernel and its arguments (ro root=...) and add the word "single" to
the list of arguments.  The system should boot up to a shell prompt
where you can fix your password file.

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