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Re: open letter to RH management

On Mon, 31 Mar 2003, John P. Conlon wrote:

> There is a saying in the military that goes: If it ain't broke don't fix 
> it!  This in the Linux world means that if your current vrrsion is doing 
> what you need, don't upgrade.  I recently walked into a small business 
> that is running DOS 5 and no Windows or other desk top management 
> software and he is making a huge profit with what he has.  School 
> districts are anotner example they consistently use machines and 
> software until the machines are physically impossible to repair and do 
> just fine.  So if what you are doing requires an update then put up and 
> do it.  If what you are doing does not require an update then quit griping.

The reality of software is, it's broken.

In the case of that DOS 5 box, it obviously doesn't matter, but as soon as your
computer has intercourse with others, it matters a great deal.

If you put up a Red Hat Linux 6.2 box, with a plausible array of services, and
apply all available upgrades, it will be cracked, and very likely quite

Already Red Hat is releasing security-related fixes to Red Hat Linux 9.



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