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Re: Printing with RedHAt 7.3 And Mozilla!

On Fri, 4 Apr 2003, Nelson Guedes Paulo Junior wrote:

> I'm try to configure a remote SMB shared printer on Valhalla
> but the printer driver doesn't suport Postscrit and I can't 
> figure out how to make Mozzila doesn't convert the document
> to PostScript before sending to the printer.
> Even simple texts using directly "lpr -P printername" doesn't
> work. The printer prints bargage only.
> I've used the "Raw Print Queue" driver.
> The printer is an Apollo P2200 and the documentation say's that
> it's all ok with the driver.

  Just a few ideas:
  Have you configured your printer properly? It looks like the printer's 
IP is correct, but maybe the driver is wrong, or its options are wrong.
  Can you print the Postscript test page that comes with printconf-gui? Or 
maybe just the ASCII test?
  Which driver are you using? printconf-gui lists two suitable drivers: 
cdj550 and hpijs.
  Which ghostcript version are you using?  

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