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Re: (no subject)

On Thu, 2003-04-10 at 10:56, Keith Mastin wrote:
> > hi,
> > i have a linux red hat 7.3 server, and i want to setup a cluster with
> > another server. the problem i see, is that i did not installed Linux
> > Enterprise or something like that, how could i achieve this?
> > thanx
> I wasn't aware that you could cluster 2 machines. Is this possible? I know
> about clustering 7 or more, but just 2? My understanding is that one
> machine is the cluster controller, which would mean that clustering 2 is
> totally moot.
> Are you sure you're talking about clustering, and not something like a
> network filesystem?

7 is a magic number?

no, I'm pretty sure I'm not talking of nfs, and I'm pretty sure I have a
2 cluster machine performing as a high available print spooler + print
accounting database. I use heartbeat as clustering software (in fact
heartbeat supports only 2-machine clusters -- almost). 

It Just Works(TM)

There is no such "cluster controller": each machine monitors the other,
and will take over peer's resources (i.e. IP address, running services)
if it detects the peer is dead. There is no nfs at all.

The other cluster (2 machines again) provides basic user services (ssh,
pop, ...) and performs both high availability via resouce takeover and
load balancing via dns round-robin. ssh is a bit tricky to set up in a
decent way, maybe I will move to ldirector.


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