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RE: pop3 daemon

Actually Mark, you should read up on that package. I believe you're supposed
to install the imap RPM which adds a file in the /etc/xinet.d? folder on
RH7.3. Then edit the pop config file in /etc/xinet.d? and change the
"disabled" line to no. Then restart your inetd to provide POP. 

Been a while, but I think that's about right... USE GOOGLE TO SEARCH ON THAT


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Thanks.  I did that, but users on the local network still can't get mail
and I still can't 

#telnet localhost 110

and get a connection.  Obviously there is more to this, but the man pages
& the doc files are of no help.  Do you know what else  I have to do to
get the pop3 daemon running?


On Thu, 10 Apr 2003, Dan G wrote:

> Pop is included in the imap rpm. Search for the imap rpm and install
> that.
> 					Dan

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