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RE: KVM Switch Problems

On Fri, 11 Apr 2003, Rich Lichvar wrote:

> 1. Sorry to the those on the list for the html/mime format in my original
> post. Forgot to turn it off.
> 2. Works fine direct to a monitor, keyboard, mouse.
> 3. It boots fine to the command line login. Problem starts when use startx
> to go to Gnome GUI. Guess I have some re-configuration to do with the crash
> cart.
> Richard L. Lichvar
> Manager, Operations
> Knowledge Resource Center, Inc.
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> Fax: 703-848-4747
> Mobile: 571-221-3430
The problem may be that the switch is not supporting the monitor ID 
lines, or that it is reporting a different ID then the real monitor.
What I suspect is realy happening is that the switch does not support 
the frequency you are using to the monitor, and it, rather then Linux, 
is reporting the invalid settings.  If you have X set up for more then 
one resulation, try using Ctl-Alt-<keypad + or -> to change settings, 
and see if that helps.  (I only have experence with manual switches, so 
I may be way off base here...)


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