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Re: implementing a lan

On Thu Apr 17 2003 at 06:26, "hussein4 link net" wrote:

> am very new to linux  world
> i have installed  linux 7.3 in one  of my pcs
> i  have 3  other  pcs all use  windows xp ,all connected by direct cable to
> a hub
> i want to make a  workgroup / lan  between  them
> without installing a server on any of them
> i use  range of ips  192.168.0.x mask on these pcs
> the 3 xp machine  can see each  other but still  the linux  machine
> how  can  i configure  it  to be part of my lan ?

I assume that all the computers can at least ping each other.

In a windows networking environment, you need to configure and run
samba to allow your linux box to talk to the windows computers.  See
/etc/samba/smb.conf and the man page for smb.conf and go from there.

One of the most important things is to have a unique windows
networking (netbios) name for your linux box, and have all of them
in the same workgroup (with the settings "guest only = yes" and
"security = share" if you don't use domain logons).

You might also find that swat is useful for easily configuring samba
via a web browser interface (install the samba-swat rpm).  More docs
are in /usr/share/doc/samba-*/ and at the samba web site at

Also, you'll find that much of your work with samba on the linux box
to access other windows boxen is with command-line tools like
smbmount and smbclient (both have man pages).  "smbclient -L XPbox1
-N" can be particularly useful for looking at available shares on
your other boxes.

Good luck.  It shouldn't be too hard to get all your boxes talking
to each other.  BTW, make sure that you are using the latest updates
for samba for rh7.3 (there is a recent update for samba).


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