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RE: WinXP and Valhalla machines do not respond to each other's ping's

JDow -
Phil did provide them yesterday, perhaps you missed his posting. They appear
to be on the same Class A network
from the same Cable Company (aka ISP). He is getting two different subnet
masks apparently assigned
via DHCP which is the root of his problem. I have suggested to Phil that he
verify the true
source of those addresses and subnet masks. For all we know, both could be
coming from his ISP
as it appears they are, or one system could have a ip address assigned from
a previous DHCP lease request or hardcoded in. Just want to make sure that
both are originating from the cable
company in that format and the best way is to restart everything in the
right sequence
and see what shows up. he should get all new IP addresses hopefully which
will validate
the source for all being the ISP.

Keith has surmised that Phil's cable company is probably doing MAC
based routing and handing out whatever IP addr/subnet mask combo comes
So Phil ends up with ther same Class A network but with two incompatible
subnet masks.
They dont appear to be peer to peer routing on their own network either or
traffic would just route up to the cable co's central office and back down
to his other system.
Neither IP address provided appears to be a default Windows anything and I
have never
seen a default IP address in any Windows network configuration screen, so on
what basis
are you concluding that One is from his ISP and the other is a default
Microsoft Ip address?
pardon my confusion, but that statement does not make sense, please clarify.

In any case, the recommendation is to front his local lan with either a
separate SOHO firewall
or configure his Valhalla server to act as the firewall. I am for the
former, Keith is for the latter. I am sure Phil would welcome other

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> That is likely to obstruct his access to major portions if
> the internet
> if the addresses are as far apart as he suggests.
> (If he wants REAL help both actual addresses are required.)
> {^_^}
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> > The subnet mask in use should be or a more
> restrictive mask with
> a
> > different value for X  (255.X.0.0) might also work
> depending on where the
> > ISP is breaking your subnet. (/8, /9, /10,....)
> > X might be 128 or 192 based on your 200 range in the second octet.
> >
> > whats ifconfig -a   saying about the assigned netmasks?
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