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built new kernel - hangs during boot

I am running Red Hat 7.3.  I built a new kernel from /usr/src/linux-2.4
source tree based on the kernel HOWTO.  Then built the initrd copied the
kernel, initrd file and the config file in boot location and upgraded
Grub.conf to boot off of the new load.

When it starts booting, it gets stuck after printing the following
'Freeing unused memory: 264k freed'.

Any pointers please?

- Kundan.

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Subject: RE: Problems with Red Hat 7.3
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 14:55:08 +0100
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Check your log file and what processes are running

Do a top or ps command

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Subject: Problems with Red Hat 7.3

I running Red Hat 7.3 in a IBM Netfinity 5600R and from two weeks ago to

today the server is getting frozen, I can't login(ssh,webmin,etc) but 
the ports were enabled and you can do a ping to the server. I don't know

what's happen , please someone can help with this issue or inform me 
about a worm.

Thanks in advance.


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Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 11:17:23 -0400
From: phil brogan <philbrog ptd net>
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Subject: WinXP and Valhalla machines do not respond to each other's
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 > >>
 > >> IIRC, one of the assigned netmasks had a 140 string, which
 > >> doesn't appear
 > >> to be a "legal" mask. This might be what threw Dr. Godwin off
 > >> to suggest
 > >> the mask.
 > >
 > >
 > > sorry Sir Keith, Mr. Goodwin is NOT being thrown off by anything
 > > where you came up with the 140 above as part of his subnet masks is
 > > beyond me. A typo perhaps, but that does not explain your
 > > comment about it's validity.
 > I see below that it's a 240 netmask, which is legal. Sorry if you
 > offense. My mistake. I thought I remembered a 140 in his
 > earlier reply,
 > which I deleted.

 > No offense taken Keith, Probably should have stuck a Smiley in there
 > someplace in
 > retrospect.
 > Kinda of assumed that the Sir reference would do the job.
 > It's just that In all the ga-zillions of email replies you have 
posted > on
 > the various
 > email lists I am also on, I have just never before seen you pluck so
 > much
 > fluff
 > out of the air before in a single reply - "Dr.????", "?140?",
 > "Godwin?".
 > What a shock....... :-)
 > Well at least you did not refer to me as a Lawyer.............small
 > favors
 > Then again I dont know how you get any
 > work done replying to all these emails in the first place.  :=}
 > (really big Grinning large Smiley or in Foghorn Leghorns vernacular
 > 	- It's a Joke Son, It's a Joke.......)
 > gee whiz, I am even trying to wrap my lines here at 80 columns just
 > for you
 > and
 > the other GUI - challenged inhabitants because I am just such a nice
 > guy,
 > although I do keep thinking in the back of my head that maybe
 > I should just hack the program you all are using to add word wrap
 > capability
 > to it
 > so the 99.9% of us who do not suffer this affliction don't have to
 > worry
 > about
 > accomodating your needs anymore.......
 > :===} (reeally long toothed grin)
 > In any case, I have noticed that the original Poster "Phil" has
 > strangely
 > silent in the last few days, perhaps We have scared him
 > off................

No, not scared off, just absorbing all the useful information being 
posted and learning from it.

Many postings ago, someone suggested powering off and re-booting the 
cable modem, the XP, and the Valhalla at the same time, hopefully that 
will result in IP addresses on the same subnet, that alone may clear up 
a few problems.  I'll try that at my earliest convenience (probably in 2

days), then let you all know what ifconfig and ipconfig /all report.

Thanks for all the useful info.


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