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Re: built new kernel - hangs during boot

I've had my head in that beehive several times.

The last line you have printed is the last line the kernel prints 
before executing the init(1) program.

I had hangs at that point when I installed RH7.x onto a hard drive 
using a development host, then moved the hard drive to the target 
machine.  RH Installer presumed the development machine (a Celeron 
box) and wouldn't let me specify to install for a 486 target.

If, for each i686 package (there are only a few) I installed the 
corresponding i386 package *after* RH's installer was done, but 
before moving to the target, then when I moved to the target, all 
was well.

Your problem may well be different.

Brian Brunner (brian t brunner gai-tronics com)

>>> kbapat belairnetworks com 24-Apr-03 1:47:55 PM >>>
I am running Red Hat 7.3.  I built a new kernel from /usr/src/linux-2.4
source tree based on the kernel HOWTO.  Then built the initrd copied the
kernel, initrd file and the config file in boot location and upgraded
Grub.conf to boot off of the new load.

When it starts booting, it gets stuck after printing the following
'Freeing unused memory: 264k freed'.

Any pointers please?

- Kundan.

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