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RE: WinXP and Valhalla machines do not respond to each other's ping's

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> Should I replace my Linksys NH108 hub with the Netgear or
> Linksys firewall router?
> Or should I place the firewall router uplink from the NH108
> hub and downlink from the
> cable modem?

cable modem <-> linksys firewall router (with or without hub integrated)
	<-> NH108 HUB <-> your local PC's and servers.

You will have to replace all the static ip addresses.
The linksys should also be a DHCP server and will
serve up based addresses by default,
but you can reset that to any 192.168.X.0 Class C address range in the
range, example -, subnet mask
will be

Go to linksys web site and chekc out their manuals first.

There are Firewall models with or without a built in hub. depending
on the physcial setup , you may
be able to eliminate the NH108, especially
would want to do that if it is not a 100MBS fats ethernet hub
because the integrated hub should be.

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