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Re: [novalug] Re: [dclug] RAID board and Red Hat/SuSE

j a leo juno com wrote:

HI Maxwell,

Your solution seems to be an excellent one, but
It is far beyond my capabilities. I wouldn't know how
to remove the RAID drivers and turn it into a dumb
ATA card. Wouldn't such a move make the ATA/100
card irrelevant and put me back to a simple 2 channel IDE
Primary/Secondary situation?

You should never do master slave when you are doing raid. If one drive fails the another drive on the channel will also fail. Of course the promise driver will lock up your system if you lose a drive any way.

Does Red Hat 8 (2.4.18-19)
(I think that is Mr. Ball's version) provide for RAID 1 in software?

You can use a fasttrak card under RH 9.0 as a normal ide controller. Simply do the following:

1)Go into the promise bios, and create a single array for each drive. This will allow you to boot from the drives.
2)Install using the software raid support in the redhat installer. Be sure to put your swap on raid as well.
3)Make sure you use lilo instead of grub. Grub doesn't understand software raid well enough to be easily installed on all drives of the array.

I did as you suggested and checked out the 3Ware RAID cards. The 4 drive solution is $300. I'm currently 100% disabled and unable to work, so even if they do work with Windows and LINUX, I don't think I can afford one right now.

The reason the 3ware card costs so much more is that it's a real raid controller. The promise fattrak controller is merely an ide controller with some bios hooks for booting. The promise controller does raid in the driver.

Thanks for your generous ideas,

John Leo

On Thu, 24 Apr 2003 23:16:17 -0400 (EDT) Maxwell Spangler
<maxwax speakeasy net> writes:

On Thu, 24 Apr 2003 j a leo juno com wrote:

HI Folks,

I have just learned from Promise Technologies that
my RAID 1 (mirror) card will only work with Red Hat
7.3 (kernel 2.4.18-3) or 8.0 (kernel 2.4.18-14). How
can I tell what version of LINUX I am trying to install
at the boot command line? How do I get either of these
two very specific LINUX builds? Apparently, no other
Red Hat builds will work with the Promise drivers.

If this is a Promise FasTrak card, it's basically a simple ATA card with some additional smarts to do mirroring. Even if you can't get a driver to make the chip do mirroring, you can still use this as a normal ATA card and use Linux software RAID to do whatever type of RAID you'd like. You might even be happier with the performance and control of software RAID.

For the record, I've heard nothing but good things about the smarter, more capable and more expensive 3Ware brand cards which do all sorts of neat stuff and have full Linux support.



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