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Re: [novalug] Re: [dclug] RAID board and Red Hat/SuSE

On Fri, 25 Apr 2003 j a leo juno com wrote:

> HI Maxwell,
>         Your solution seems to be an excellent one, but
> It is far beyond my capabilities. I wouldn't know how
> to remove the RAID drivers and turn it into a dumb
> ATA card. Wouldn't such a move make the ATA/100
> card irrelevant and put me back to a simple 2 channel IDE
> Primary/Secondary situation? Does Red Hat 8 (2.4.18-19)
> (I think that is Mr. Ball's version) provide for RAID 1 in software?
>         I did as you suggested and checked out the 3Ware
> RAID cards. The 4 drive solution is $300. I'm currently
> 100% disabled and unable to work, so even if they do
> work with Windows and LINUX, I don't think I can afford
> one right now.
>         Thanks for your generous ideas,

You haven't said what you are trying to achieve.

There are two main reasons to use RAID:
1. Data protection
2. Performance

If you want data protection, then RAID doesn't help prevent the most
likely causes of data loss. The most common of all causes is, "Whoops.
Why did I do that?"

RAID helps only in the case of a failed drive or related hardware, and
failed drives by and large are faily rare, and in the most recent case I
can think of where there were mass drive failures, RAID probably
wouldn't have helped one little bit.

If performance is your issue, then RAID can help, but you really need
good hardware RAID.



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