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Re: Postfix

Hi Sam,

> It's my first installing Postfix.

Before you get any further into this, have you gone over the
email-administrator-HOWTO and read all the documentation for configuring
and using postfix? Do this, then join the postfix-users list at
postfix-users postfix org (_very_high_traffic_ list).

> Which version do I need to use for Valhalla? And where is a good spot to
> find that RPM?

Redhat has a postfix rpm pre-rolled. Check your cd's or the redhat ftp
site. Ralf Hilderbrandt also has some rpms posted on his site, but my
guess is that you'll get confused by all the releases posted there.
There's links to Ralf's stuff on Wietze's postfix.org site.

> I've seen tons of different versions and downloaded the source code for
> postfix-2.0.9. (how do I install source code?)

Uh-oh... well, we've all had a first time for everything, so here goes...

cd /usr/local
tar xzf </path/to/tar file>
cd <extracted directory>
less README <-read this in depth
less INSTALL <-this too, and anything else it refers you to review. Skimp
               on the reading, you're on your own.
su -
make install

Good luck with it.
Keith Mastin
BeechTree Information Technology Services Inc.
Toronto, Canada
(416)696 6070

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