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getting closer - Red Hat 9.0 ISO format install

HI Julia,

        That is very interesting. I didn't know
how anti-spamming software worked. Quite
interesting on their evaluation scheme.

        I've got a new problem now. I didn't sleep Friday
night and I was finally able to get onto Red Hat's server
and downloaded (6 hrs-my DSL was hitting 750kbits/sec)
Red Hat 9.0 in ieee9660 ISO format. Now I'm trying to
learn how to install from that format. Can you or anybody
help me. I now have the 3 ISO files on non-bootable CDROMs 
and on my hard drive. I'm going to start an extensive HOW-TO 
search this afternoon, but if anyone can point me in the right direction,
I sure would appreciate it.

        The people at Promise Technologies gave me their 9.0 Beta
driver for my RAID card, so I should be OK. They want me to
take the RAID board out of my system, install Red Hat 9.0 onto
my IDE Primary/Master, insert the driver into LINUX, put the RAID
card back in, and pray that the Primary/Master boots into LINUX
with the RAID card installed.

        If I can learn and run LINUX safely for 3 months, I'll move it to
the RAID drives and be one very happy camper. I'll write up the
experience for others to follow if NOVALUG has an archive somewhere.
I don't want anybody else to go through all this if I can help them as
especially and some others have helped me.

Take Care,

John Leo

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