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Re: How to fix a Glibc Library

On Wed, 30 Apr 2003, Mauricio Reyes Sanmiguel wrote:

> Hi,
> I have Red Hat 7.3 and when i tried to  upgrade my sendmail server it asked
> me to upgrade also the glibc library. I had the 2.2.5 and i installed the
> 2.3.2. But after that all i get when i try to run some programs is the
> "segmentation fault" error. Now i canŽt uninstall the RPM because it gives
> me the error.
> Anybody knows, how i can fix this error without having to reinstall
> everything again?

Boot from a rescue CD. The valhalla rescue CD at ftp.redhat.de will do

You will need to get the correct glibc rpms into place, then run rpm
from the cd (not by chrooting to the broken system)
rpm ---upgrade --force --root /mnt/<whatever> <whatever>/glibc*.rpm

Make sure that <whatever>/glibc*.rpm does not have both i386 and i686
versions of one rpm: that and the use of --force may also do damage.

Once you get a working system again, use a version of sendmail built for

> Thanks.
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