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CD or NETWORK images

Hi everyone, top of the morning/afternoon/evening to you, depending on
where you live!

I have a cluster here at work, running Redhat 6.2, 16 machines, 2
servers, 14 clients.  One of the servers is the main server, in use for
80% of the day, and the other is a backup server, to be promoted if/when
the main server fails (both servers are identical in hardware/software).

Its time for me to upgrade the cluster to Redhat 7.3, and I'm fishing
for information to make it quick and painless.

I was thinking of pulling out one of the servers, and one client, and
installing 7.3 on each first.  As only one server is in use at a time,
the other being the backup server, this would take care of the server,
being that I could simply swap the 6.2 server to the 7.3 one, and
install 7.3 on the backup server at a later date.  As for the clients, I
was thinking of installing 7.3 to one client, then making an image, to
be burnt to 13 bootable cds.  Which of course could then be put into
each of the remaining 13 machines, booting, then simply renaming the
machines, and altering IP information.  Note, all hardware on the client
machines is identical.

If there is an easier way, such as a net image stored on our network,
then creating a net install boot disk for each machine, then please let
me know.

I am new to both of these ideas/concepts, so please excuse my ignorance.
 Any help would be appreciated, even if its a matter of directing me to
a URL.

Some additional information on the client machines:


8     0   17942724 sda
8     1     160618 sda1
8     2          1 sda2
8     5     136521 sda5
8     6   17639338 sda6

df /

Filesystem  Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda6    17G  886M   15G   6% /

Thank you all in advance for any help you can give me!

Kind regards,
Dan Haines

p.s If its not too much hassle, would you please CC your reply to my
address, or click "reply all" when replying, thanks!

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