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Re: difficulty configuring NTP

On Thu, Aug 28, 2003 at 08:18:46AM -0400, Harlan Feinstein wrote:

> I'm confused, and can't get NTP configured properly on my RH7.3 box.  
> I've got three stratum-2 servers in my /etc/ntp.conf, but there's also 
> a GUI-based 'time and date properties' box that has an on-off checkbox 
> for NTP, as well as a server name.  Do I need to turn the GUI one off?

Some early versions of Red Hat's time and date config GUI would only
change the first server line found in the ntp.conf file.  However,
since the ntp.conf file included a 'restrict default ignore' line, an
additional restrict line was required for each server (yes, this does
sound odd, but it's correct).  

Insure that your config file has both a server and a restrict line for
each server that you want to sync from.  These would look something

    # clock.redhat.com
    restrict mask nomodify notrap noquery

> If I run ntpdate as root, I get:
>    28 Aug 08:17:12 ntpdate[28469]: no servers can be used, exiting

That's because you didn't specify any servers.  Try something like:

    ntpdate clock.redhat.com

Also note that the ntpdate command cannot be used when the ntp daemon
is running.

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