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Re: difficulty configuring NTP

  John> Insure that your config file has both a server and a restrict
  John> line for each server that you want to sync from.  These would
  John> look something like:

  John> # clock.redhat.com
  John> server
  John> restrict mask nomodify notrap 

I've got my three entries in by DNS name, since the stratum-2 listing 
page said for each of them that they'd prefer it that way.  When I put 
in a restrict line that calls them out by name, and re-enable the 
default rule, they cannot be reached and my machine never syncs.  If I 
clobber the default rule and these individual rules, it's now syncing 

However, my machine now doesn't know the "nomodify notrap noquery" part 
for these entries; does that mean I might introduce errors into their 
NTP servers?

Here are the relevant lines:

 # restrict default ignore

 server sundial.columbia.edu
 # restrict sundial.columbia.edu nomodify notrap noquery
 server tick.jrc.us
 # restrict tick.jrc.us nomodify notrap noquery
 server ntp.ourconcord.net
 # restrict ntp.ourconcord.net nomodify notrap noquery

  John> That's because you didn't specify any servers.  Try something
  John> like:

  John> ntpdate clock.redhat.com

  John> Also note that the ntpdate command cannot be used when the ntp
  John> daemon is running.

You're right on both counts there.  Wish it had a better error message, 
about not putting any parameters...


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