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Re: Weird sendmail behavior

Hi Joe,

How is the sendmail stuff?

It sounds like it is down to the Outlook client, if you are lucky maybe the DNS
settings on her system are screwy?

Are you up to date with security patches etc. for Outlook, they come thick and



Joe Polk wrote:

> Okay, it's time to post this here.
> A client of mine has a sendmail server that up until 2 days ago has worked
> flawlessly. Then, suddenly it started slowing down. Nothing in top showed
> anything beating the server, save minor memory useage on some httpd child
> instances. Restarted httpd, same issue: slow. Restarted sendmail, same.
> Checked iptraf. There seemed to  be alot of DNS queries. Hmmm...stopped
> sendmail and the dns queries subsided. Thing is, they weren't really hammering
> the system. Anyway, checked mqueue and there were some messages in there that
> were basically bogus or spam requests. Removed them. Things seemed to be
> better today, however, something new is happening. One user, and only 1, gets
> rejected. We have sendmail setup to use spamcop and spamhaus and this user is
> having her outgoing mail rejected using that. This is odd. This user is on a
> 192.168.0 subnet and so is everyone else. They all work and use Outlook
> clients. They have the option of using the webmail client which is working for
> her with no problem. She only gets an error when using Outlook.  I'm really
> stumped, though it may be an easy answer. Anyone?
> <<JAV>>
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