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Re: How to reinstall rpm

You can probably boot off of the distro CD in rescue mode.  Mount your root
(/) partition, chroot it to / then reinstall the RPM package.

Just make sure you chroot the partition or it won't work. 

On Wed, Dec 03, 2003 at 09:21:10AM -0700, Craig White <craigwhite azapple com> wrote:
> Trying to upgrade rpm - I was in a loop needing to update popt and
> up2date/rhn_register and finally, without thinking, I removed all the
> rpm rpms.. (rpm-pythyon, rpm-4.03.) etc.
> Is there a tarball and a way I can reinstall rpm so I can use rpm?
> Otherwise, I will have to upgrade the distro, not a big deal and I'm
> figuring on doing that on Friday if necessary.
> Craig
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