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Re: File System

I am not sure, may be it can work but the safe way is to:

1. Create a new filesystem of type ext2
2. Mount it to a new directory
3. 'cd' to that newly mounted directory
4. dump -0uf - /dev/nnnnn | restore -xf -              (where nnnnn is the
device of the ext3 filesystem)
5. umount /mmmmm                                        (where mmmmm is the
mount point where ext3 filesystem is mounted)
6. mount /dev/bbbbb /mmmmm                         (where bbbbb is the
device of the new ext2 filesystem, mmmmm is as above)
7. Update /etc/fstab

This will be the safe way to move a filesystem to another one (of different
types). There may be shorter ways to do it but as a SysAdmin, I always want
to be safe, and do this way.

Best regards / Saygilar

* Suleyman Nazif Kutlu
* IBM Integrated Technology Services
* Networking Software Services Specialist
* mailto:Suleyman Kutlu tr ibm com
* IBM Turkey

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Hi buddies,

I've an ext3 file system,  I've been experiencing some  trouble with
journaling, once a week it freeze on my server). so I want to change it to
ext2. if I simply update /etc/fstab replacing ext3 for ext2,  will it  work



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