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Re: crond troubles

   The lines you added look appropriate for an individual user's crontab,
even if the individual user is root, but not for /etc/crontab.  I hope you
didn't add lines to /etc/crontab, then run the crontab command on that
file.  The /etc/crontab file is not the root's crontab.  When the system
is installed, it starts out with no root crontab, but with another
file, /etc/crontab, used by the cron daemon.
   If you mistakenly added a crontab for the special user, root, you may
remove it with "crontab -r".  You can find out if the root user has a
crontab by (as root) "crontab -l", and root can find out if another user
has one with "crontab -u <user> -l".

On Mon, 3 Feb 2003, Michael Paul wrote:

>     Ok... Maybe I am smoking crack and just don't know it. I read the RH
> Customization Manual pages on cron and added a couple of lines to my crontab
> file for testing. I must be doing something wrong, or crond is broken,
> because it's not working. Here are the lines I added:
> 0-59/2 * * * * cat /proc/mdstat > /tmp/mdstat_test
>  Now if I read the manual correctly, this *should* redirect the results of
> the cat into /tmp/mdstat_test every other minute.
> 0 2 * * * /usr/bin/rdiff-backup -v9 --no-compression /mnt/server_files
> /mnt/backup_volume
>  Again, the way I read the manual, this should cause rdiff-backup to run at
> 2am every day. Did I do something wrong? The manual states that it is not
> necessary to restart crond, but when it didn't work, I did it anyways and it
> still didn't work.
>  Also, when using su, I made the mistake of typing crontab from the command
> line without the -u switch. According to man crontab this is a bad thing to
> do as it can "confuse" crontab. Maybe this screwed things up? Any ideas
> appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Michael
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Steven Yellin

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