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Re: Image program for RH 7.3

Here's part of a thread on a Linux Users Group that was using "dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/hdd":

On Friday 31 January 2003 07:31, Alan Dayley wrote:

> Craig White wrote:

> >Yowzah
> >
> >Booted, tested, indistinguishable from other hard drive with the
> >exception that the 1st hard drive was a 4GB and fully partitioned
> >whereas the backup hd was an 8GB and it had 4GB unpartitioned.
> >
> >Craig

> WooHoo!  I'm gonna do it next this weekend!
> Alan

Worked great for me, too!

I had a 10GB disk that dual boots Win98 and Red Hat Linux 8.0 using grub.
- I attached the new 20GB hard drive as the slave on the secondary IDE bus,
temporarily taking the place of my ZIP drive.
- I booted from the CD with my Red Hat System Administrator's Survival CD.
(I'm sure any CD bootable Linux would have been fine.)
- I issued the command "dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/hdd" You'll note I forgot the
"bs=512" and that worried me but I figured I would just let it run anyway.
- When it completed in about 40 minutes (I think? Maybe less. Should have
timed it.), I reconnected the ZIP drive and connected the new 20GB drive in
place of the original boot drive.
- It boots like nothing happened! All is normal.

Now I need to learn how to use the parted utility to partition all that blank

AND ... Number one (ie, first discussed) method of backup at <http://www.linux-backup.net/copy.gwif.html>

pete ....on my way to upgrading to 8.0 redhat ....

Guillermo Mulliert Carli'n wrote:
	I have installed a pair of redhat 7.3. I tried to make an image of
the hole disk in a remote server with Symantec Ghost but it failed. I read
somewhre in the internet that Symantec does not support completly ext3
partitions neither lilo.
	Does anyone know an program to clone rehat 7.3 disks to a distant

Thanking you in advance

Guillermo Mulliert

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