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RE: Graphical Desktop Not working

I tried StartX, I got just a black screen and then some message. I've
attached the log file to this email message. I have no idea what it
means, I'm still a linux newbie


Roger Miranda
Sumac Clothing Company
49 Adelaide Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada, R3A 0V8
t:  (204) 942-0091 
    (866) 266-9488
f:  (204) 943-5939
c:  (204) 228-2032
e:  rogerm sumacclothing com
w:  www.sumacclothing.com 

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On Mon, Feb 17, 2003 at 01:47:11PM -0600, RogerM sumacclothing com
> I'm at runlevel 5
> I tried "service xfs restart"

Isn't xfs the X-Font server?
What has that to do with gdm not running!

Try logging in on the console and running 'startx'.

Michael P. Brininstool                  mikepb hoplite org

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