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Linux newb struggling with multiple langauge support/ Fonts.

Hi all.

I am having problems with Japanese fonts.  I am not
sure what people need in terms of information as this
is my first query in these forums.  I guess more is

Stuff you might want to know.

I installed my Linux distribution with a few extra
languages thrown in for good measure.  Japanese was
one of them.

I took a look at http://kb.redhat.com/view.php?eid=215
for some help, and on my xterm I do indeed see xfs up
and running with the output of xset -q reading :

Font Path:

Curiously the .kde/share/font && /font/overide
directories are completely deviod of any fonts and
contain a single (empty file) fonts.dir
The final AbiSuite/fonts directory has plenty of files
in it, mainly composed of .afm &&.pfb files.

I thought my boat had come in when I saw a
sub-directory within this AbSuite/fonts directory
called ja.  I delved into the "Japanese" directory
only to find the prolific fonts.dir file as the only
file in the directory.  However this time it had
something in it.
Kochi-Mincho-EUC-H, -misc-Kochi
880, 120, 1000
Kochi-Gothic-EUC-H, -misc-Kochi
880, 120, 1000

To be honest I was expecting to find some form of font
file in here.

And that is as far as my understanding of fonts in
Linux goes.   

>From a system point of view from the KDE control panel
I have added Japanese to the "Languages" section and
that seems to have worked nicely.

Mozilla will happily display Japanese characters after
I added Japanese support to that BTW.

Essentially I want Abiword to write in Japanese font.

I login with langauge set to English and set Abiword
to be Japanese langauge from the Tools->Langauge
section.  However no matter what I type it always
comes out in English and there seems to be no
unicode/JP font in the font menu.

If I login as Japense language then all the menus are
in Japanese as you would expect but everything I type
still comes up in English.

I have a list of the available font types in Abiword
in case that is relevant.

Bitstream Char - No idea what this means but doesn't
seem to do anything different to any other font.
BookmanCentury Schoolbook
Nimbus MOno/Roman/Sans/Sans Condensed
Standard Symbols

Thats all I can give you at the moment as I am not
sure what is relevant and what isn't.

Any advice on what I am missing here?



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