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Re: I Messed Up(Continued)

On Thu, 2003-02-20 at 07:33, list maaghosting net wrote:
>   Oops, sorry about that....This really is the worst day ever.
>   Anyway,
>   When I display the output of the second drives partition table I notice that
> all of the partitions created by dd are still there.  However, I don't know if
> the ending cylinders, and all of the other information is the same as the
> primary drive due to the size difference in between the two.
>    Now, since the machine is still up, I have access to all of my data.  I plan
> on backing up all of the data immediately, but would like to back it up directly
> to that 20GB drive that is already in the machine.  However, mount still claims
> that /dev/hdb1 is still mounted :-(, and a mount -f does not force it to be
> unmounted.  What would be the best way for me to transfer all of the data off of
> the 60GB drive to the 20GB drive.  There is no more than 3GB of data on the 60GB
> drive.  And mind you, this all has to be done over SSH.......I know you can
> start laughing now, I have definitly learned my lession................
>    Also, I have all of the size(in GB/MB) of the old drive that I know is
> correct.  However, it is only accurate down to the MB really....
>    Does anyone have any idea what, or where I can go for information on solving
> my idiotic problem?????  Thanks for the help..

have a look at


I never used it, but it sounds cool...


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