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RE: boot floppy

In my bios I can specify what device to boot from there are 2 choices
-Any PCI slot (uses my adaptec 2940 card) and the onboard 7899
controller see if you have that option.

Then set the boot device to SCSI when I want to use Linux and set it to
IDE when using XP

Will Mendez

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Thank you everyone for the information about the boot
floppy and my SCSI card.

it is an adaptect, but for some strange reason the MB
BIOS will not recoginze the SCSI HDs.  I can install
RH7.3 or RH8.0 without a hitch, but to get them to
boot i have yet to be successful with the current

ill give it a go and this time ill make a boot disk to
go with the install.  

Again, i really enjoy this world of linux very kind
and the help is unreal, and useful.

Raymond L. Brunkow
Chief Instructor / Owner
Sun State Martial Arts
4th Degree Black Belt
MCP windows 2000

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