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RE: Update on: I Really Messed Up

    Well shoot,
This doesn't appear too promising......

So, what is the minimum required by linux to boot on that second drive? 
Is there anyway I can setup software RAID 1 now, and just loose the space
on the 60GB due to the 20GB smaller size?

Also, is there a way I could just install Redhat(over the network) onto
that second drive while the first is still mounted and booted?  That may
solve my problem, as I could customize the second drive by editing files
after redhat has been installed.  Thanks Keith,


>>Use systemimager it will copy a system while it is running.
>>Exactly what you are looking for.
>>> --Luke
>>> --Computer Science Sysadmin, MSU Bozeman
>>> --admin(AT)cs.montana.edu 994-3931
> Hmmm. no, this is more like kickstart or Norton ghost. He also needs to
> copy user and data files so if hda dies, the machine can be immediately
> rebooted on hdb, like in a RAID mirror. Good try though.
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