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RE: Update on: I Really Messed Up

   Keith and Mikkel,
Ok, so for now I am just going to use the second drive I have as purely a
backup medium, and will do backups of all important stuff nightly.  I have
decided messing around with a live machine remotely is too dangerous, and
costly to try and make this work.  I would agree that IDE drives have
gotten very reliable, and I am hoping that this drive will never fail.  If
it does, I would be able to have the machine with it's OS installed within
an hour anyway, as the techs at my datacenter seem to have a rabid
obsession with re-installing Redhat :-)

Anyway, thank you every for the help so far, as you have been instrumental
in my sucess at getting this machine online and reliable.


>>  Keith,
>>Looked through the archives and there seems to be some talk about
>> tarr'ing
>>up the filesystem, and then un tarr'ing it back when the .tar file is
>>transferred over.  I think the only constraint here would be size
>>available on the disk, but currently I am only using around 2GB on a 60GB
>>drive, and would be transferring the resulting .tar file over to the
>>second drive.....
>>Also, is there a tape backup software program written for linux that will
>>backup the system to another hard drive instead of a tape?  As, I run
>>backups at work on mounted file systems and everything checks out just
>>fine.  I would just think there has to be a way to do this :-)  Thanks
>> for
>>the much needed advice.
>>   Peter
> If it's within the same machine, I would just use cpio or tar, but it
> isn't suggested to use these on system files, only data (unless you
> unmount the source filesystem first).
> Theoretically, here's where things tend to fall apart though. Unless you
> are runnming a very high usage/high availability disk, the chances of
> having a problem on an IDE drive that is unrelated to other hardware
> failure is relatively slim. I've only had IDE disk problems (knock on
> wood) where there was some other hardware-related problem (poor power
> source is boss). Given that, having a second disk to boot on the same
> hardware is moot. I use RAID0 only on machines where there's a high amount
> of disk RW going on constantly (database), and everything else gets RAID5
> and a either a failover to another machine or an rsync'ed backup every
> night.
> It seems that your goal is redundant failover, where if the machine dies
> then you have a drop-in replacement. I'm not sure that a second disk will
> provide this to the degree that I think you want to achieve.
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