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Re: Problem installing FreeS/Wan

On Tue Feb 25 2003 at 13:10, Oleg Goldshmidt wrote:

> "Jean-Pascal DEBIEVE" <debieve-jp bridgestone-bae com> writes:

  (I didn't even bother to read his original post because it was in
  html format.  Please folks, don't do that).

> > I'm trying to install FreeS/Wan on linux RedHat 7.3 with the rpm files
> > freeswan-1.99_2.4.18_24.8.0-0.i386.rpm and
> > freeswan-module-1.99_2.4.18_24.8.0-0.i386.rpm.
> >
> > When I start the install, it says : requires libc.so.6 (GLIBC_2.3).

> > What can I do to install FreeS/Wan ?

If there is a .src.rpm for it/them, download and rebuild it/them.
Once any build and runtime dependencies have been resolved, you
should end up with those two rpm packages that will install just
fine on your own box (using your own glibc).

In general, using src rpms is almost always the better way to go
with packages that have possibly been built with a different
platform/compiler/library set.  That glibc hiccup you see is a
classic case of this... it was probably built on a rh80 box, and
probably for a specific kernel.

  I strongly suspect that for rebuilding, the freeswan-module
  package would need the kernel-sources rpm (for the currently
  running kernel)... rebuilding them from source is the only way to
  be sure that a kernel module will load and work on your running

  (Most [all?] modules need to be rebuilt/removed/reinstalled with
  each kernel change.  Painful Fact Of Life... eg, I have to rebuild
  my nvidia and alsa drivers every time there's a update:)

> Either upgrade glibc tp glibc-2.3, or use a (slightly) older freeswan.
> I have freeswan 1.97 happily coexisting with glibc-2.2.5.
> I'd say fiddling with freeswan (or whatever else) is safer than with
> glibc.

Wow, ain't that the truth :-)  I would not recommend upgrading
glibc, just about everything else on the system would break... ow :)

> Oleg Goldshmidt | pub NOSPAM goldshmidt org


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