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Re: weird web

>On Wed Feb 26 2003 at 15:43, Keith Mastin wrote:
>> >   Keith,
>> >Any specific error messages from IE?  Server not found etc?  Can your 98
>> >machines ping the physical machine(IP of server), as well as ping the DNS
>> >name?  Or, is apache returning a 404, or Access Denied error?  This indeed
>> >seems odd.
>> >
>> >  Peter
>> The error on the browser is dns not found.
>Ahh, now that's a big clue.  But did the client (browser) generate
>the errror, or did the web server deliver this message to the client?

client side

>Perhaps the apache and local config within the server itself still
>have some bad entries for the old IP addresses? (eg: /etc/hosts,

Nope... among the first things I checked and then double checked

>> We can ping the ips and the CNAMEs no problem, so dns is working as it
>> should be.
>> We can use ftp and mail in/out of the system.
>This shows that internel/external dns is working on a network level,
>good.  More likely then a config file hiccup with the old IP
>addresses?  What do the apache error logs tell you?

Nothing... and the access logs only show exactly what I've described. 
There are connects and GETs from W98 for all other domains, no errors for 
the 2 domains in question except the usual file does not exist errors.

>But then, if only certain browsers running on windows are generating
>the problem, then surely that's got to be the cause.  Get them to
>install netscape, mozilla, or a very recent version of opera to see
>of that makes a difference.

It does make a difference though, and that's the point. A lot of the world 
is still using W98, so just getting the client to see theri site is up is 
not enough...

>very weird web indeed :)

Yes it is... :)

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