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Re: Most Suitable Server for RedHat Linux?

On Thu, 2003-02-27 at 07:02, David B. Cook wrote: 

> If you need RAID, both the IBM ServerRaid II adapter found in 
> Netfinity's (x-Series) and the Dell PERC controller found in PowerEdge 
> gear are supported.  
I've heard many people talk about getting hardware raid solutions.  I
just wanted to mention the software raid that Linux can do.  It might
also be an option for you.  Software raid 5 has been treating me very
well on 3 different systems that I've put into service.  One such
machine has been running raid 5 with 4 disks and one hot spare since the
RH 6.2 days. 

I'm currently configuring a Dell PowerEdge 2600 with Dual Xeon 2.0, 1.5
G of RAM and 4 36G Ultra320 drives.  3 of those drives will be in raid 5
and the other will act as the system drive.  This machine will serve
primarily as a Samba server for 40 local clients and 5 remote clients,
PostgreSQL, Squid and a few other misc. programs..


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