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RE: Ramdisk with scsi disk

Is your SCSI driver modular?  If so, you need to build a new initrd image
between the make modules_install and make install steps.  Also, if you're
using ext3 FS then you must do this step.


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Subject: Ramdisk with scsi disk

I have a new PC. Before, I was using standard home PC. and in that system I
was running ramdisk with no errors. To make ramdisk available, I make,
            cd /usr/src/linux-2.4

            make mrproper

            make menuconfig (I enable ramdisk module property)

            make dep

            make clean

            make bzImage

            make modules

            make modules_install

            make install

Then I make lilo.conf file. And I run lilo -r /.

I was opening my system booting with linux-up. And it was working perfectly.
I did everything I did before but when I try to boot, I get this error

"cannot open root device 802" kmod "failed to exec /sbin/modprobe -s
-kblock-major-8" "errno=2"

The only difference between two systems, is I am using scsi disk this time.

Does anybody know, whether I have to make any change in make menuconfig
screen for scsi disk, or not?

I could not determine my problem. Can anybody help me?


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