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Re: Running Out of Space

Roger, your hard disk is partitioned into several partitions. It means
nothing that the disk is 200 gigabytes if you have a partition that is
200 megabytes that is overflowing. You must be more specific with your
information before you can be helped.

"df" from a console window is a big help. It will pinpoint the partition
that is overflowing. Any helpers will also need to know the filesystem
types for the various filesystems on the disk. (The file /etc/fstab is
helpful for garnering that information. It lists the disks mounted on
the machine at boot time and those which may be easily mounted at a later
time.) "du -s ." from a console window when you have performed a "cd" to
the overloaded partition's head, say "cd /var" if there is a separate 
partition for /var, can find where the "clog" might be.

You've been too parsimonious with information for any real help. Detailed
requests get resolved quickest because the information required is present.

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Roger Miranda (Sumac)" <RogerM sumacclothing com>

> Sorry I ment running out of Harddrive Space. This started happening when
> I try to copy a 1.7mb file to a linux share.
> Thanks,

> -----Original Message-----
> From: valhalla-list-admin redhat com

> I'm not sure what you mean by "running out of run." Can you be specific?
> Try 
> doing this:
> df -vk
> See which partitions are running out specifically.
> <<JAV>>
> ---------- Original Message -----------
> From: "Roger Miranda (Sumac)" <RogerM sumacclothing com>

> > On out Red hat 7.3 Linux Server we seem to keep running out of run.
> Our
> > Full system backups show that 4.5 GB of data was written, But we 
> > have 20 Gb of Harddrive space (Raid). Is there anything I can look 
> > at? Is this a problem with Linux in any way? Any help would be
> appreciated.

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