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Re: file permissions

Create a group, with some group id (numeric) and group name (for easy reference).
Have this group common among all 5 systems.
Have this group be the group to which the files under /usr/data all belong.
Have all users be members of this group.
Users will then be able to edit the files under /usr/data by virtue of their group permissions, but still able to create private files in other places.
Brian Brunner (brian t brunner gai-tronics com)

>>> bipin_mr yahoo com 07-Jan-03 2:06:28 PM >>>
I have Linux server and 4 w/stations Linux. All 4
w/stations using Linux server to store files via NFS.

One directory in Linux server /usr/data is being
shared and exported. And all 4 users can access
/usr/data via mounting NFS at bootup.

They can create files as well. Now my problem is user1
& user2  should be able to share/edit each other's
file. and User3 & user4  should be able to share/edit
each other's file. Due to default umask is 0022. users
can see each other's files but can not edit.

What is the best way to do so,  that  user1 can
see/edit files created by user2. and  vice a versa.

Do I need to change umask or there is another way? I
am  not very much familier with it? Can I get some
help on it?


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